Body Contouring

Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipo

Laser lipolysis is a non invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers at various wavelengths to melt body fat. This is a different process than liposuction, which involves removing fat from the body using vacuum suction. The added benefit of laser lipolysis is that it spurs the production of the protein collagen, making skin more taut.

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Lipo Cavitation

Ultrasonic Cavitation 
Lipo Cavitation 
Fat Cavitation

Ultrasonic cavitation is a non invasive procedure that uses ultrasonic waves to rid the body of fat cells and turns them into fatty acids, which are easier for the body to get rid of.

The midsection, upper arms, thighs, hips, and chin area can be targeted with these low-frequency ultrasound waves, which penetrate the skin and create bubbles around fat deposits. The bubbles then burst, causing the body to get rid of them naturally through the urinary tract and lymphatic system.

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Skin Tightening

Radio frequency 
Skin tightening

RF energy affects the deeper dermal layers, meaning that the result is a lifted contour, a decrease in deep wrinkles, thicker and firmer skin. RF skin tightening promotes new collagen protein which causes the original collagen protein to strengthen the skin.

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Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Butt lift
Vacuum therapy

This therapy is a non-invasive way to enlarge and lift the buttocks. Vacuum therapy mobilizes the fat cells to the desired area while it tightens sagging skin, lifts and plumps the buttocks.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Face lift
Double chin 
Skin tightening

A nonsurgical facelift is a combination of minimally invasive and nonsurgical procedures, designed to rejuvenate and refresh the appearance. Compared with a surgical facelift, these techniques do not require large incisions, general anesthesia or overnight hospitalization. 

Each nonsurgical facelift is custom-tailored to meet the individual's unique needs. A variety of noninvasive techniques are available, addressing anything from fine lines, deep creases, lax skin, thinning lips, sunken cheeks, large pores, acne scarring and the loss of facial volume.

Pricing & Packages


Each treatment is custom-tailored to meet the individual's unique needs.

Mommy Makeover- $350

Treatment time: 4 hours

Includes 1 hour Lipo Cavitation/ Skin Tightening treatment. 30 min Detox Body Wrap. 30 min NS Butt Lift. 1 hour Anti Aging facial (includes NS Face lift). 1 hour customized Yoni Steam session. 

Mini Mommy Makeover - $200

Treatment time 2hrs 45min
Includes 1 hour of Lipo Cavitation/ Skin Tightening treatment. 30 mins NS face lift and 30 min NS Butt Lift. 30 min customized Yoni Steam

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